Introducing Our Gym Management System

Simplicity and Power...

  • A simple gym management system with everything you need to run your business
  • Sell and manage your memberships
  • Easily track attendance data in order to identify “at risk” members
  • Pull reports on clients, revenue, and operations
  • Configure plans for every type of membership
  • Setup gym schedules for every location
  • Give your members an app that allows them to book sessions and more

We'll Show You How to Grow a Gym Business with GymDash

Metrics That Matter

Showcasing data is clunky and we’re tired of it. Know exactly how your gym is performing at glance with metrics that really matter in our fitness management software. Our intuitive design makes finding the right metrics much easier for your gym management.

Gym Health Score

Want to know if you have a healthy gym business? Track your “health” using our custom Gym Health Score in our proprietary fitness management software. We’ll keep your gym business on track for success in the long run.

Business Intelligence

Using our gym software, improve your gym based on your data. The right gym management system gives business owners more power in their decision-making.​

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Two Women Speaking with Receptionist at Gym
Screenshot of GymHealth from GymDash Dashboard

Performance at a glance

See every step of your sales funnel in one spot and use our insights to improve them with our fitness gym software. Get your sales team on the same page with easy communication and collaboration.

ROI Tracking

Ever wonder if your marketing is actually profitable? See how much it costs to acquire a customer and your ROI in one spot in our software for gym owners. You will never play a guessing game with your sales and marketing when you have real data from our fitness management software.

Trends and Insights

Double click into each metric to see trends over time and learn how to improve each step of your funnel. Your gym marketing strategy will improve immensely when you have access to the right data with the best fitness management software with a user-friendly interface.

GymDash Dashboard on Phone Graphic | Gym Owners
Cost Per Lead on GymDash Dashboard on Phone Graphic | Gym Owners

Member Flow

Know how many members you’re adding and losing every month in one convenient location. Membership management shouldn’t be a challenge if you want a successful gym. Manage your memberships with our simplified fitness membership software.

Churn %

Churn is the silent killer of gyms. See what your real churn is and learn how to retain your clients longer with our gym software for management and operations.

Lifetime Customer Value (LTV)

One of the most important metrics for a gym owner to know is the lifetime value of their customers. This data allows you to see how much each member is worth to you. Knowing this allows you to make decisions on ad spend, pricing, and more all within our fitness management system.

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Custom Coaching

Most gym tech solutions and software for gym management promise to improve your business. None show you how to improve your business based on your data. After working with thousands of gym owners, we know exactly how to help gyms fix problems in their business. Use our custom tips and trainings to grow your gym with our fitness management software coaching.

Predict The Future

Know where your business is going and use our predictive analytics to see how small adjustments will impact your business with data tracking fitness gym management software. Take control of the future of your fitness studio and gym.

Free Training & Resources

What’s the point of tracking your metrics if you don’t know how to improve them? We’ve had access to thousands of gyms around the world and we know EXACTLY how to improve every part of your business. We use your data to curate trainings to help you improve your business…for free. This is what makes us the best software for fitness management in the industry.

Our Mission

We believe that technology should be used to simplify your life, not complicate it. The gym tech space is filled with overwhelming products that are harder to understand than biomechanics. It doesn’t matter what type of gym business you have because the best fitness management software should give you the flexibility to be successful.

Our mission is to give you the tools, education, and resources you need to build a wildly profitable gym.

We have created a beautiful dashboard that makes you smile when you login to our fitness management software. Managing your gym is now easier with data on your side from software for gym management built for your needs.

Our aim is to build a full-featured software for gym owners that covers everything they need to succeed.

A one-stop destination for everything you need to power your gym

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