How to fill your gym to capacity in 90 days, without a marketing budget.

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5 Simple Steps to Fill Your Gym In Just 90 Days


How to Fill your Gym with High Ticket Clients and No Marketing Budget… Even if You’ve Never Run Ads Before 


That’s a sexy title for a blog isn’t it?


It might even remind you of something like this: “40 Easy ways to make money FAST”, or “Easy ways to make money online!” 


I get it, and I was in your shoes not that long ago. Trying to make ends meet in my failing gym, working 60+ hour weeks, and still having to get another job to afford food for my 1 year old daughter. Until I came across a very simple acquisition system that helped me add 75 high ticket clients in 10 days. Once I saw this happening in real life, it changed everything for me. 


Over the next 8 months, I used this system to consistently acquire new clients on demand, fund the high performance team I built, and ultimately exit my gym to do what I’m doing now. 


The best part about that story? I wasn’t alone. Over the past 7 years we have worked with over 5,000 gyms around the world. We have helped thousands of gym owners reach more people, change hundreds of thousands of lives, and build wildly profitable businesses.




The process is simple, and the work is boring, but I promise if you follow these steps you will build a wildly profitable business. So here’s what you’ll need:


  • An incredible Offers
  • Get Leads
  • Get Them to Show
  • Close Them
  • Convert Them




First we need a grand slam offer…something people would feel stupid saying no to. After spending almost $4M over the last 6 years on fitness ads, here are the best offers we’ve found…


  • FREE 6 week challenge ($599 down
  • FREE 8 week challenge ($999 down)
  • FREE 21 day challenge ($299 down)


How these (FREE) offers work is very simple. The prospect will receive: 3 workouts per week, nutrition plan and support materials, and accountability. 


But  how do you make money if it’s advertised as FREE? 


First, the prospect pays the deposit for the challenge. If they lose X lbs or X% Body Fat, they receive that deposit back in cash or a credit to a future membership. 


Here’s an example: 


Susie signs up for the 6 week challenge

Susies pays the $599 deposit

Susie hits her goal of 20 lbs lost

Susie is now eligible to get that money back or credit it to a future membership


Why are these consistently the best offers?


  • Lower lead cost
  • Lower CAC
  • Higher cash collected
  • Better client results




Now that we have an irresistible offer, we need to get leads. The best way to do this is through Facebook and Instagram ads. 


Here are the basics. You’re going to run: 


  • A male ad set: 10 ads total, with 3-4 running at a time
  • A female ad set: 10 ads total with 3-4 running at a time
  • Ad spend: $50-$100/day 

*Don’t run both the female and male ads at the same time*


What that will mean for you is $8-$12 per lead (If you follow our free ads course and use stellar copy and creative), at $100 per day = 10 leads per day.




Great, so now you’ve launched your ads and you have names, emails, and phone numbers flying in. Some leads are scheduling, some aren’t. So how do you get them to show up so you can make money? 


That brings us to the next step in the  acquisition journey: Get Them to Show. For this we use the 4 Pillars of Lead Nurture: Speed to contact, volume, personalization, and availability. Let’s break that down…


  1. Speed to contact: Everytime a lead comes in, pick up the phone and contact them within 5 minutes. Doesn’t matter what time. You’re not nagging them– They need a life change and you’re the one who can provide it. 

  2. Volume: Call or text them 3 times a day. Prospects are busy, they will forget about you- stay top of mind for them.

  3. Personalization: Get to know your prospect. What is their goal? Lose weight, tone up, get stronger? Know this before they come in so you can tailor your sales pitch to what they need.

  4. Availability: This is where most gym owners trip up. You have to be open and available in order for people to give you their money. We have found that 3:00pm-7:00pm Monday-Friday, and 9:00am-1:00pm Saturday are the BEST times to sell. Open your availability and crush it. 




By now, you’ve given your prospects certainty in your ability, you’re armed with the actual offer, now it’s time to do the actual sale. Every sale follows the same pattern and it’s one that we have seen and completed successfully thousands of times.


We have broken it down into a simple acronym (C-L-O-S-E-R) to make it easier to remember.


CLARIFY why they are there – lose weight, tone up, fit into a dress, etc

LABEL them – “So you’re currently at X lbs and you’d like to be at X. Is that correct?”


OVERVIEW past pains/experiences – What have they done in the past and how the experience was


SELL the vacation (not the flight) – Don’t sell the sweat and hard work, sell the results.

EXPLAIN away their concerns- This is where you confront objections that come up in the sale. Typical objections that come up are related to price, stall, or consulting with the decision maker.


REINFORCE the sale – This last step prevents buyers remorse and is the beginning of the relationship. Reaffirm that they made a great decision that will better them and their quality of life. 


Bonus points to make a great first impression– Pick your weapon of choice: Send a handwritten card, Send a personalized video from the owner/or a phone call from the owner, give them some swag (t-shirt, shaker bottle, etc).




This is the step that takes a $599 sale into a $2500 sale. We want to turn a short term challenger into long term sales. At the halfway point, meet with your challengers for 15-20 minutes and follow the CONVERT formula. Yes, we have broken it down into another acronym, you’re welcome.


  1. Congratulate: Congratulate your challengers on their success so far in the challenge no matter what results they’ve seen.

  2. Overview: Overview the reason for their success- lead them to the realization that your coaching and accountability is the reason this challenge has been successful

  3. New You Gap: Paint the picture for their next goal and show them that you are the guide to take them there

  4. Value Stack: Pack as much value into the 12 month agreement as possible. You want to make it sound like it’s the best thing ever– because it is. You get to work with this person for the next year to reach their goals. 

  5. Eliminate Risk: Add a service guarantee. If they do everything they need to reach their goal (come to all of their workouts, reply to texts, complete their weigh-ins etc) and DON’T hit their goal, you’ll continue to train them for FREE for the next year. 

  6. Reduce Price: Downsell your upsell. By signing today, we will give you everything we talked about for only $49/week. 

  7. Take payment/signature: Lock them in right away to get them to commit to you and themselves for the next 12 months. 




If you’re into stats, here are a few from over the past 7 years. We’ll start with Trami. Trami was able to reach $1 million in revenue in one year, after dropping out of medical school. That’s double what she made the year before. 


In her words “If I listened to others I would be finishing my 4th year of medical school right now, completely miserable, in debt… and my spirit and passion completely stifled”. Trami is now living out her passion, debt free. 


Chris gym owner whose stats are almost unbelievable. With only 1000 sq feet of usable facility, Chris was able to triple his revenue in one month and add $270k to his business in one year.


In response to his accomplishments Chris says, “The triple revenue mark is a benchmark for sure. But don’t get it twisted, we have our sights set on much bigger goals and we are in this for the long haul”.




I hope you found at least one part of this valuable today.  Our top priority is to provide relevant information to gym owners so you can stack more cash and change more lives. If you would like more industry content like this, subscribe to the blog to be notified about future articles. 




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