The Step-By-Step Guide to Generating Leads for Your Gym

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How To Generate Leads For A Gym



The goal of this article is to give you the blueprint for generating leads for gym memberships.



Before we hop into what to do, let’s first discuss where you’re at. Ask yourself the following questions: 


1. Do you have more than 45 leads per week? 

2. Do you run targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, AND Google? 

3. Does your average lead cost less than $15? Are you able to easily come up with new fresh new ads?



If you answered no to at least one of these questions, you have improvements to make to your lead generation strategy that will help you generate more leads, and ultimately change more lives.






So, where should you advertise to find fitness client leads? Let’s take a look at the marketplace of available leads. In an average sized city with a population of  70,000 people, for example, there are an estimated 50 gyms. Now let’s say those 50 gyms are all working to generate leads in the same marketplace as you. 


On average, each one of the 50 gyms are signing up 10 people per month. So you’re looking at 500 people signing up for a gym membership every month. That’s a LOT of people, and you only need 10 or 20 of them to join your facility. Once you understand the full scope of your marketplace life will get better.


So now when we talk about how to dominate the marketplace it comes down to getting in front of as many of those eyes as possible. The more traffic sources you dominate, the more leads you will generate. 


Examples of traffic sources include: Yelp, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Google Display Network, SEO, Instagram, Email/SMS Marketing, Word of Mouth, Radio, TV Commercial, Signage, Direct Mail, Snapchat, TikTok, and more.




Now that we’ve covered the size of your market and where to place your ads, you need to know what content will capture your audience and get them to click. The more clicks your ads receive, the more leads you will generate.

For this there is a simple formula you can follow to create an endless supply of ads.

Each ad should consist of:


  1. A headline: This is where you will call out your prospect. Here you will want to specify their gender, their goals, and their location. For example your headline could read: “Attention Ladies in the Austin area looking to transform their physique in 6 week”. 
  2. Copy: Copy is where you can go into more detail. You want to keep it engaging and speak directly to your ideal client. This is where you will describe the benefits of the challenge or offering, enforce scarcity and urgency, and imply authority. “We only have 20 spots available” “This program has helped hundreds of women achieve their goals” etc.
  3. Image or Video: If you chose to use an image, the message should be clear and concise. You want to have a clear contrast between the image and the overlaid text or banners. Images that do well include: Team selfies, workout photos, Post workout photos, and even memes. If you go the video route, use a familiar landmark as your background, and be sure to use subtitles with any speaking. Videos that work best include; testimonials, selfie style testimonials, and group exercise. 

Once you have a stockpile of each of these three categories you can easily switch them out, mix and match, and have a constant rotation of fresh fitness ads to generate an endless supply of leads.




So now that you know who to advertise to, where to advertise, and what to put in your message, you’re probably wondering: What is it going to cost me to generate leads?

If you do it right: nothing. In fact, you will never need a marketing budget again. 

Most gyms run their advertising campaigns with a low-barrier offer on the front end, maybe something like 21 days for $21. The ads cost more than the money coming in from that frontend offer, which means they need additional money to pay for the ads. 


Let’s break down the new and improved process that pays for itself: 

Your customers are going to be paying for you to acquire new customers. Yes you read that right. How? By giving them a high ticket front end offer. The money you make from that initial campaign pays for the current ads AND the next campaign.

Here’s an example:


Day 1 



You put $100 into ads. 

You get 10 leads and close 20% of them. (2 sales) 

Your high-ticket offer is $600. 

That means at the end of the day, you spent $100 and SOLD $1200. (Sweet!) 


You do have to suck it up and run for 3 days without seeing any cash deposits because payment processors take a few days to get the money into your bank account. Can you handle that to never need a marketing budget ever again? I thought so. 



Day 2 



You put $100 into ads. 

You get 10 leads and close 20% of them. (2 sales) 

Your high-ticket offer is $600. 

That means over 2 days, you spent $200 and sold $2400. (Awesome!) 


You still don’t have any cash deposits yet, so technically you’re down $200. 



Day 3—Same deal 


You put $100 into ads. 

You get 10 leads and close 20% of them. (2 sales) 

Your high-ticket offer is $600. 

That means over 3 days, you spent $300 and sold $3600. 


Let’s remember though, you still don’t have any cash deposits yet because they haven’t hit the bank account, so technically you’re down $300. 

BUT, you’ve made 6 sales off $300 and proven to yourself that this is possible.


Day 4 (Now things get interesting) 


From this day forward, you are running at 100% profit. The entire campaign is funded from its own profits. By now you’ll start receiving deposits from the previous few days, which means you’re going to have more money to invest in the campaign. 

At this point on day four you’ve spent $400 and you earned $4800, which means you have a $4400 profit. At this point you’ve recovered all of your initial investment, and now you have $4400 in cash. Then we put more money right back into the campaign, and your lead generation will continue to grow while you stack the extra cash.

Let’s say we bump your ad spend to $500 a day. Then things get crazy. Because now you’re making 10 sales at $600, so you’re making $6000 a day. And then what do you do? Wash, rinse, and repeat. You keep doing this process until you’ve acquired as many customers as you can handle. 




So to run it back to the beginning, you were running a free trial or low cost front end offer. Because of this you were never quite recouping your ad spend leaving you spinning your wheels. Now, you have the tools to create an endless supply of advertisements that will generate an endless stream of leads for gym memberships.





We hope you found this helpful and if you would like more information on how we can help you grow your business with data, visit to learn more about our all in one Gym Management System.



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