Best Dance Studio Management Software’s For Growth

We've ranked the best dance studio management software to help dance studio owners find tools to grow their businesses, bring in new students, and thrive.
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The Best Dance Studio Management Software for Growth: Our Top Picks


When you walk into a well-established fitness gym, you might admire the weights, equipment, and machines. It’s a little bit different in the dance world.


In order to succeed, boutique dance studio owners must fill their space with people! Marley, mirrors, and sound systems don’t add value unless you pack the studio with moving, energetic bodies.


If you’re struggling to bring in clients, quality dance studio management software can help. We’ve evaluated and ranked the best dance studio management software currently available. We’ll share our findings, plus the features you really need to achieve growth.


Keep reading to learn what software for dance studios can help you accomplish as a small business owner.


Our Top Pick: GymDash


The secret to a successful dance studio isn’t flooring or the sound system. You need dancers! Building a base of enthusiastic EFTs requires strategy, which takes a little coaching. A good coach, like a good dance teacher, provides support where you need it.


That’s where GymDash comes in. The secret to this dance studio software is personalized, data-driven coaching. You’ll receive personalized support based on your actual pain points. Users receive videos, written training, courses, and more.


Real-time insights mean you won’t ever have to worry about where to focus your attention. The intuitive dashboards do all the work, leaving you to focus on running an incredible studio. It will even track revenue and retention stats, cutting down your daily operations tasks.


We’ve also found that GymDash is less clunky than other types of software, like CRMs and BSMs. It’s never confusing or impersonal, and it’s always free. That’s what places it as our top dance studio business management software on the list.


Other Options for Dance Studio Management Software


While GymDash is our #1 pick, here are the top 3 runners-up.


1. CompuDance


CompuDance is a cloud-based solution with many useful tools for dance management.

The catch? The strongest features are in parent-teacher communication features. We felt they were better suited for children’s dance studios or children’s programs. It is better for taking attendance and scheduling private dance lessons than it is for tracking business growth.


While we love many of the features, it’s not the best pick for an adult-centric boutique fitness studio. Those running children’s programming may find a bunch of the features helpful. With that said, we prefer to use a single tool for all our business needs.


2. Uplifter


Uplifter is an incredible tool for managing your dance students, EFTs, and schedules. With that said, it doesn’t offer many tools to help you grow your business. We liked the many tools that help you engage current students, however.


Uplifter is a great tracking tool that helps you keep the students you have. With that said, we didn’t feel it offered enough of a focus on studio growth. There was too much focus on the business you have and not enough on the business you want to achieve.


Ultimately, we felt this tool was better suited for established studios and not those focused on growth.


3. Sawyer


Sawyer, unlike other dance studio software on the list, does offer some business development tools. These include training videos and occasional live webinars. While we loved these options, they aren’t as personalized as we’d like. Their one-size-fits-all model doesn’t address your business’s pain points in real-time.


Furthermore, this felt like another software program better suited for child-focused recreational dance classes. It felt a little immature for boutique dance fitness studio owners. Thus, their advice and videos never quite felt appropriate for our needs.


Power Your Dance Studio With GymDash


With dance studio management software like GymDash, you’ll have the tailored courses and training you need to grow your business. Learn more about our fitness management software and start transforming your dance studio today.



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