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We've ranked the best pilates studio management software to help studio owners find tools to grow their businesses, bring in new students, and thrive.
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Best Pilates Studio Data Tracking Software in 2023


When you step into a Pilates studio, the main goal should be to push yourself and work up a sweat. Ideally, you’ll be sweating on the mat, not while looking over your books. If your business is really thriving, you’ll have enough time and energy to enjoy the studio you created.


If you’re feeling stressed about growing your boutique fitness studio in 2023, great pilates studio data tracking software can help. 


The best software provides users with the tools they need to track their growth in real-time. Instead of focusing on the books, you’ll have the time to focus on inspiring confidence in your students!


We’ve compiled a list of the best Pilates studio software available this year. We’ll discuss what we love and what needs work and help you transform your business. Keep reading to take charge of your growth in 2023.


Our Top Pick: GymDash Software for Pilates Studios


As a studio owner and Pilates lover, what do you do when a student starts losing stamina at the barre? Ideally, you coach them through it, providing specific tips and support. Why should conquering business growth be any different? 


If you feel your studio losing financial stamina, the secret is personalized, data-driven tracking.


That’s why we’ve fallen in love with the GymDash Pilates Studio Software Manager. Unlike slow, clunky CRMs and BSMs that give you way too little or too much data, this software is streamlined and efficient. It tracks revenue and retention stats in real-time and always uses your data to provide recommendations.


The intuitive dashboards provide clear, easy-to-parse data. You’ll gain insight into everything from resource usage to lead conversion. Plus, it offers many tools to streamline the management of your daily operations. It will help sort out your priorities so you can focus on building relationships.


The feature that sets GymDash apart is real time feedback on the health of your business. After entering the past and current metrics of your gym, you’ll be able easily see where your studio can make improvements. 


Has your revenue, profit, and retention been trending in the right direction? Inaccurate data tracking can lead to future problems in your gym. Use GymDash to assess the areas of your business that could use more attention.


Best of all, GymDash is free for users. The emphasis on growing your business is what makes it the top Pilates studio data tracking software in 2023.


Our Honorable Mentions

1. Momence

Momence is an excellent tool for Pilates studios that need automation tools to make their business more efficient. We loved the options for remote class scheduling and the intuitive interface. It takes care of a lot of the backend administration tasks that take you away from improving your business.


While it’s a great software solution for streamlining communication, it doesn’t have many tools focused on growth. We wish this one went beyond online payments and class management. You’ll need to use multiple apps and software if you want to focus on growth and engagement.

2. Hapana

Hapana is another piece of Pilates studio management software that makes life easier for business owners. We like that this software focuses on both day-to-day operations as well as future growth. It’s a strong, all-inclusive mobile app.


With that said, we found that many of the business solutions were one-size-fits-all. They weren’t responsive or intuitive and didn’t immediately address business pain points. If you don’t know what your problem is, it’s hard to solve it.

3. Vcita

Vcita is a good option if you’re primarily seeking member management tools for your Pilates studio. It’s a solid tool for communication and engagement with built-in marketing tools. Its primary strength is in payment processing and dues management.


With that said, this software is missing tools for real time data management. It doesn’t provide the baseline you need to really grow your business. This handy tool is more appropriate for day to day management of established Pilates studios.

Power Your Pilates Studio With GymDash

The difference between a thriving Pilates studio and a failing studio is the students! GymDash will address your pain points head-on. You’ll see more and more students walking through the door. Plus, you’ll free up your time so you can actually enjoy your business again.


Are you ready to power up your Pilates studio in 2023? 


Learn more about GymDash Pilates studio management software and aim for growth this year: https://www.gymowners.com/studio-management-software/



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