The Best Yoga Studio Data Tracking Software to Grow Your Studio

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There’s nothing like walking into your yoga studio only to see students playing Tetris to squeeze in one more mat! A packed studio is a sign that your boutique fitness business is thriving.


If you’re struggling to attract new students, it can be hard to find your zen. That’s where our list of the best yoga studio data tracking software comes in. The right tools will help you facilitate everything from recruitment to daily operations. With solid yoga studio management tools, you’ll be able to practice what you preach and relax.


We’ve evaluated and ranked some of the top yoga studio management software that’s out there. We’ll share what we found, including which software focuses the most on business growth. Keep reading to start accomplishing more as a small business owner. 


Our Top Pick: GymDash

When building a yoga studio, a compelling sense of ambiance can only get you so far. What you need are enthusiastic yogis who return again and again. Building a base of eager EFTs means implementing tried and true business and marketing strategies. 


Does your yoga expertise outweigh your business acumen? You might need some coaching to kick things off.


That’s why we consider GymDash to be the best yoga studio data software for businesses in transition. Every user will receive a revenue intelligence platform that helps people track their data more efficiently and accurately. The best part? Real time updates on the health of your studio so that you can accurately assess the areas of your business that need attention. 


With GymDash, inaccurate data will never hold you back from making improvements to your business again. 


Unlike confusing and clunky CRMs or BMSs, GymDash is streamlined and intuitive. The clear data visualization tools help you focus your attention. The dashboards respond in real time, tracking your critical revenue and retention stats. You’ll even discover subtle insights into everything from resource management issues to trial conversion rates. 


A true all-in-one yoga studio software solution saves you both time and stress. You’ll gain more time to focus on building client relationships. 


You can join the waitlist to start using this impressive free software.


Our Honorable Mentions for the Best Yoga Studio Software

While GymDash’s core values made it our top pick, here are three honorable mentions. 


1. OfferingTree

OfferingTree is a great online yoga studio software for managing daily operations tasks. Its strengths include billing and invoicing, online booking, and general POS capabilities. 


The platform also makes it possible to offer yoga teacher training to staff. You can also offer video classes to students on the platform. This makes it a good bet for 21st-century businesses cognizant of climate and public health concerns.


What it lacks is insight geared toward business growth and expansion. You can access your current data, but it isn’t actionable. They do not access your gym’s data to give you an overall look at the health of your business. It may not be ideal for growth-minded business owners. 


2. Upper Hand

Upper Hand is a yoga studio management software with an aesthetically pleasing design. We liked the many opportunities for automation, which can save you time and money. It’s one of very few management programs that focuses on improving efficiency. It also has a lot of fun client retention tools that might help build a client base.


With that said, this app leaves studio owners guessing how healthy their business is. We wish it emphasizes both business growth and personal growth. All in all, it’s a better pick for established business owners. 


3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one workspace for small business owners, including yoga studio owners. We love the data tools, which put most of the information you need front and center. 


With that said, it lacks a POS system or built-in class management tools. We liked the opportunity to use it for remote staff meetings or orientations, saving time and money. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t seem tailored to the boutique fitness world. 


Power Your Yoga Studio With GymDash 

When you commit to the best yoga studio management software, you’ll have the tools you really need to grow. GymDash offers tailored feedback to keep your gym running. Learn more about the best software for yoga studios and watch your business grow.




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