Employee gift Ideas that won’t break the bank

Employee Gift Ideas that won't Break the Bank
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Employee Holiday Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank


With the holidays approaching, now is a great time to show your employees some appreciation with a small gift. With expenses rising around this time of year, we have put together some gift ideas for employees that won’t break the bank.


#1 Handwritten Cards


The gesture of a handwritten card goes a long way with employees. Use this time to customize a message for each employee to let them know what initiative and qualities you appreciate from them most. Positive feedback in the workplace is proven to lead to higher performance, improved relationships, and create better results for customers. Sharing your positive feedback is a win-win for both the employee and the employer.


#2 Personal Trainer Survival Pack


As a fitness professional, you know the days of a trainer can be long and draining. Show your employees you care about their wellbeing by putting together a ‘personal trainer survival pack’, or gift bag. The amount you spend on this employee gift is in your hands, but some great


inexpensive options include:


Hair Ties
Hand Sanitizer
Water Bottle or Blender Bottle
Electrolyte packets
Comfort Shoe Inserts
Energy Drink

Snacks – Quest Protein Chips, protein bars, Smart Sweets, Etc!

We love this magnetic phone attachment. It allows trainers to easily attach their phone to metal equipment to keep time, track sets, reps, etc!


#3 Gym Swag


If you have inventory of gym t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, etc, those make great gifts for employees as well. Who doesn’t love a new gym hoodie! If you have the budget, you could customize existing pieces of clothing with iron on names, or “coach” badges. Make it unique!


#4 Holiday Party On A Budget


A great holiday gift for employees is a chance to come together and have some fun outside of work. A holiday party doesn’t have to be an extravagant event. There are ways to have a great gathering without having to spend a ton of money. One way to save money is by holding the gathering at your facility. Renting a restaurant or event center can cost several hundreds of dollars. Instead, set up a few tables for food and snacks, and hold the gathering right there at your facility.


Entertainment can also be extremely inexpensive. Hold an award ceremony for your staff! Recognition is a great gift to give employees. You could also do a “white elephant” gift exchange where each staff member brings a $10-$20 gift.




Showing your appreciation, even with just a small token, goes a long way with employees. Something is better than nothing– at least write an appreciation letter to your valued employees to let them know you see their hard work!


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