How to Grow Your Online Fitness Business

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The number of online fitness businesses is steadily growing, because people want convenience in their health strategies, tailored workouts and new fitness experiences. The global digital transformation has revolutionized the fitness industry, creating more opportunities and greater demand.

Are you considering an online fitness business? Here are some reasons to get started:

  • You have flexibility in your schedule and control over your entire business.
  • You don’t have the overhead of managing or operating an entire gym and physical location.
  • You can expand your business model or create alternative revenue-generating methods.
  • You have access to a larger customer pool.

Here are the steps you need to take to start a fitness business online.


Identify an Audience Niche for Your Online Fitness Business


Online businesses don’t thrive when they cater to an unclear demographic, so you must narrow your target audience and identify a niche.

These steps can help you identify your audience niche:

  • Conduct market research: Examine the current market and look for gaps. Is there a demand for virtual training for pregnant women or HIIT fitness classes?
  • Consider your ideal customers: Who do you want to work with? Consider the demographic and psychographic details of your ideal clients. Think about their needs and what specific issue you can fix.
  • Analyze your competitors: Look at competitors for the same audience to find factors you can improve.
  • Determine your unique selling proposition: What can you do to set you apart from the competition?


Choose a Business Model that Works for You


When looking at how to start an online fitness business, consider what type of services, programs, and products you want to offer. There are a lot of ways you can offer your online fitness services.

  • Personal Training: Through one-on-one sessions with an experienced trainer, clients can receive individualized attention and guidance tailored to their needs.
  • Group Classes: Live virtual classes have become increasingly popular, allowing clients to access training and education from their homes. Clients can opt for group sessions and pay per session.
  • Memberships: A membership program is a great way to get recurring income from clients. You can create an evergreen membership with prerecorded course videos or a live membership program with group livestream sessions.
  • Courses: Courses can be tailored to any goal — weight loss, muscle gain, or even running a marathon. Customers can pay a one-time fee for access to a course with pre-recorded videos, workout printables, and any other materials they want to include in your course package.
  • Freemium Content: Free content is the best marketing you’ll ever have, and a freemium model helps clients understand what to expect from your paid classes or programs. You can create free workout programs and upsell memberships or courses.

You always have the option of working with a hybrid model to create a system that is unique to your capabilities. Keep in mind you should also have a way to manage your class schedules, group sessions, and memberships.


Create a Marketing Plan to Attract Customers


Marketing your training business starts with understanding who you are targeting, that’s why you need software to help you understand your marketing data. It’s best to diversify your marketing strategies, see what works and then replicate those strategies that get you results.

Below are a few key marketing strategies to gain clients.

  • Look at social media as a way to approach your customers personably. Connect with them by sharing quick, actionable tips and showing them behind the scenes for your business.
  • Use the power of email marketing or text-based marketing; create a list so you can stay in touch and let them know about new programs and services. You can create a workout printable or an email course with fitness tips to entice signups.
  • Blogs are a great way to market your business. To grow your fitness business, you must find ways to show authority and knowledge in your niche. Long-form blog content allows you to give clients details and boost your SEO.


Establish a System to Retain Existing Customers


To grow your online fitness business, new customers are key, but growth is only possible with retention; you need to prioritize making your current customers happy.

Here are some strategies to retain existing customers:

  • Create a community like a Facebook group or a forum where people can connect. This can build brand loyalty and increase client retention. It also allows you to get direct feedback to improve your business.
  • Reward your existing customers for taking the time to spread the word to their peers and family. You could be generous and offer them exclusive discounts or even a free session.
  • Introducing new exercises or challenges can help make the experience exciting. Refreshing your offerings and adding more value over time is an excellent incentive for retention.
  • Make it clear that you are invested in your client’s success and will always be available to support them. Excellent customer service goes a long way with retention.


Grow Your Online Fitness Business


We’re passionate about fitness and want to see your business grow as much as you do. That’s why we built GymDash. Our software will provide tailor-made coaching and instruction through video tutorials, guides, and courses for free. Avoid the clunkiness and confusion of other tech solutions and embrace result-oriented simplicity.


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