How To Make Gym Ads That Create Customers

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If you struggle to come up with content that is engaging and converts your audience to leads, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at what your ads need to attract members to your gym.


Advertising works great for a while, but then over time the ads start to fatigue. They get stale because people have already seen them. So, you have to find a way to keep your ads fresh and engaging. 


So how do we do that? The basic framework to never run out of fresh ads consists of 3 interchangeable components to creating an ad that WORKS: The headline, the copy, and an image or video with subtitles. 


This is the formula we use to consistently grow thousands of gyms to capacity. 




This is a big one– the headline is where people’s eyes go first, so we want to make sure it grabs their attention. 


Now, there’s different ways that you can do it. You can talk about the duration of the offer, your target gender, fear, negative stuff, or you can just simply mention ‘challenge’.

Some examples include:

“Ladies wanted. Six week summer slimdown challenge”

“Im taking on 10 male clients who want to transform their physique.”

“Hey Ladies of Orange Beach- We have an announcement!”




With copy there are so many variations you can do. Copy can be long, or short, but the goal is to describe, not tell. Describe what they’re going to get, and unpack the benefits in a way that makes the prospect feel understood.


For example you could mention things like: New program, grand opening, new beta test, etc. 


Another great angle to take when writing copy is scarcity. You want to create urgency so that the prospect acts NOW. For example: only eight spots left, we’re closing this is 24 hours, etc. This drives urgency that will help you to increase sales. 


It’s also a good idea to add implied authority to your copy. To do this you could use phrases like: ‘We’ve worked with over a thousand local residents’,  ‘Our clients see an average of Xlbs lost during this challenge’, etc. 




There’s so many different ways that you can do images: change the contrast (black and white), banners, group pictures, selfies, workout pictures, people in class, people sweating, memes, you name it. 


The image should be eye-catching and appealing, but not distracting from the message.


The other option is to use a video. There are tons of options here as well. You could be in a well known part of town, and use that as your background. You could be in the gym. You could include a video of a group training session. You could include a selfie style testimonial of the client recording themselves (This is User Generated Content and those are the best, hands down). 


A video is a great place to add a slide of Google/Yelp reviews, and other customer praise.


Whatever you decide, make sure to include subtitles. Adding subtitles is really big. Make sure you add captions to everything. That way your prospect is digesting the information in at least one form even if they don’t have their audio on, and they are more engaged even if they are also listening. 




Now that we know what parts we need to create a winning ad, let’s look at an example


💪6 Week Transformation Challenge!


🙏Help Test Our Newest Program

Hey ladies. Our names are Barry and Jamie. We’re looking for 15 ladies in Tampa who want to test drive our newest and best transformation program for six weeks, to transform your bodies and give us your honest feedback on our new training program. 


You’ll be doing us a huge favor by letting us know what you think of our program while we monitor your results and progress

We just want to improve. That’s it

If you want in, fill out the form below.

We think if we allow our local community to try our program for 6 weeks they will…


💪Help us improve

💪Tell others

💪Let us use their testimonials

💪Leave us a good review

💪Stick around for even better results


That’s all we need. A shot to impress you so you spread the word about us being the real deal. The rest will take care of itself.


P.S- Excited to have you! After you sign up you will need to schedule a time for us to get you started!”


Notice how this copy includes a gender call out, the location, a limited number of participants, program duration, a promise of body transformation,  words like “new”, and a reason WHY. 


There always has to be a reason why you’re doing something. Always.In this case, we think if we allow our local community to try our program for six weeks, they will:


One, help us improve. 

Two, tell others.

Three, let us use their testimonials.

Four, leave good reviews.

Five, stick around for even better results. 


Those are all reasonable things. People believe those. That’s all we need.


This ad could include an image of a shredded woman, a call out that includes the city they’re located in, and text that stands out against the contrast of the image. 

Or you could go the video route and include you, the owner speaking in the gym or in the community or footage of people getting a great workout at your facility. 




Now that you realize this is all that makes up an ad, you can create an unlimited number of unique and interesting ads without paying an expensive agency to do it for you. 

All we do is create a bunch of different versions of each component and then mix and match to build new ads. 

This “scrambling” of the elements lets us continually refresh our ads without doing a lot of extra work.




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