If Gym Owners Were Members at Your Local Gym

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in a gym full of Gym Owners? Let’s poke some fun at what you would see.
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If you were to imagine different types of Gym Owners all working out at your local gym– what would it look like?



Let’s break it down– you can let me know at the end if you agree.

P.S- This is for entertainment purposes only. No Gym Owners were meant to be offended in the writing of this blog.


#1- Big Box 24/7 Access Owners


We all know the type. They own a gym but do they really? Their members have key cards or door codes and they come and go as they please. Meanwhile, the Gym Owner is nowhere to be found.


Big Box owners are the guys on the deadlift platform for 2 hours making a sh*t ton of noise and calling out everyone who doesn’t re-rack their weights.


#2- Pilates and Yoga Studio Owners


If there’s turf– you can find them there stretching. If not, they are probably using 5-pound dumbbells and doing the slowest shoulder press you have ever seen.


They wipe down the equipment with essential oils, and are always there to tell you how many chemicals are in your can of C4.


#3- Powerlifting Gym Owners


Wayyyy too much chalk. Between the clouds of chalk and the smelling salts is amazing they still have functioning lungs.


And if the gym is somewhat clean and has brand new equipment, maybe even a smoothie bar, you won’t find them there at all.


#4- Cycling Studio Owners


Cycling studio owners will find a way to make every workout sync up to a playlist of 2000’s pop hits.


Is it leg day or arm day? Doesn’t matter. The more important question is: Is it ‘Taylor Swift Through the Ages’ day or ‘Best of Beyonce’ day??


#5- Boxing Gym Owners


This gym owner would have been a pro fighter if it wasn’t for their career ending injury in 10th grade.


You can find them taking up the only smith machine to shadow box in the mirror.


#6- Crossfit Box Owners


You don’t want to get stuck in the cross fires of these guys. From pull ups on the squat rack to handstands on the turf you never know what their next move will be.


#7- Personal Training Studios


These guys would be walking around to each gym goer asking what their goals are and if they want to ‘hop on a call’, while simultaneously complaining that they never have time to get their own workout in.




Regardless of which category you fall under, all Gym Owners need software to keep track of their data and make the right decisions for their business. GymDash is an all in one dashboard for making growing your business simple.


Keep being you, Gym Owners Rule.




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