How To Successfully Onboard New Employees and Keep Them Accountable

Learn how to create clear expectations for your new employees that set them up for success and longevity.
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Learn How to Create a ‘4 R Document’ That Creates Clear Expectations and Maximizes Your New Employees Success.


The framework I want to share with you today is what we have used to scale our own company and successfully onboard new employees. It’s called the 4 R’s: Role, Requirements, Responsibility, and Results.


All new and existing employees should receive and sign a copy of the 4 R’s. As you grow and scale your business you can use these pillars to show employees how they can grow within the company as well as make sure they are clear on what is expected of them.


So, what are the 4 R’s and how can you make a version of your own? Let’s break it down:




In this section of the 4 Rs document, you want to lay out what the job is. This section does not have to be super detailed– keep it to around 40 words. The goal is to show the employee what the role is and how it fits within the company.


For example the role section for a salesperson may look something like this:


“The salesperson will work with administrative staff to create an excellent customer experience, sell membership packages, and upsell products including nutrition plans, accountability packages, and supplements. This person will report directly to the studio manager. This is a full time position that requires in person interactions with clients at the studio”.




This section should include all of the minimum requirements of the job. This can be done in a simple bullet point format. These should be the technical skills that the employee must have to be successful. For example you could include: education requirements, certifications needed, soft skills such as communication/self started, etc.


To keep with the example of a salesperson, it could look something like this:


  • A minimum of 2 years of B2C sales experience
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Suites
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Excellent client facing communication skills
  • Ability to work well with a team
  • Commitment to ongoing training




The responsibilities section should be the most detailed. Lay out the tasks that they will be responsible for performing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The more detail the better so that your employee will know exactly what is expected of them. You need to have written proof that your employees are aware of what they should be doing to be successful.


This section should be at least a page long. This can also be formatted with bullet points but make sure each one is as detailed as possible.




What do you want to happen in this role? What is the goal outcome of hiring this person? The results section is where you will lay out what a successful employee looks like within this position. An example of this with a sales role could look like:


  • All incoming text messages, emails, and phone calls are responded to within the first 5 minutes or receiving it
  • 100% Positive feedback from customers
  • 80% close rate or above
  • Etc.




There are numerous benefits to requiring all of your employees to read and sign a 4 R document. For your employees, they will have the blueprint on how to move up in the company. For example, a salesperson could request to see the sales manager document and know exactly what is expected in order to move into that role.


On the company’s side it is an excellent tool to compare employees productivity to. Have they kept up with their responsibilities, and are they getting the expected results? This document also works for onboarding remote employees as well. Schedule a video call to discuss the document face to face.




We hope you found the information here helpful in creating your own 4 R’s documents! Gym Owners, if you’re not tracking and understanding your data, your facility and employees are not reaching their full potential. Grow your Gym with Data today with GymDash.



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