The Best Fitness Studio Software

We've ranked the best fitness studio software to help gym owners find tools to grow their businesses, bring in new clients, and thrive.
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Running a thriving fitness studio takes more than striking signage and the latest machines. Gym owners are constantly striving to bring in more clients, increase EFTs, and grow the business. 


The truth is that gimmicks can only do so much heavy lifting. When it comes to real, measurable, and sustainable growth, you need fitness studio software that has your back.


But what type of fitness studio management software do gym owners really need to transform their business in 2023? 

The best software for your fitness studio will do more than track attendance and manage payments. It will offer you actionable, real-time data that you can use to make informed changes.

If you’re ready to explore software solutions, this list is for you. We’ve compiled and ranked our favorite software for fitness studios, with an emphasis on business growth. Keep reading to figure out how to harness the top tech in the industry to give your boutique gym a boost.

GymDash: Our #1 Fitness Studio Management Software

You’ve worked hard to make sure your boutique fitness studio offers something your competitors don’t. Why would you choose a one-size-fits-all solution when you’re ready to pursue growth? The strength of GymDash Fitness Software is personalization. You’ll receive timely, specific, data-driven coaching to support you through your transformation.

Coaching from GymDash comes in the form of videos, written training, seminars, and more. You’ll gain access to the advice you need when you need it. It will address the specific pain points you’re facing based on your gym’s real-time data.

Not only that, but it simplifies your day-to-day operations, too. We love the intuitive reporting dashboards that help you visualize data, from revenue to resource usage. You’ll know exactly where your studio stands, down to the minute.

Plus, this software helps save you time by helping you prioritize your daily tasks. When you know where to focus your attention, you’ll free up time to enjoy your business again.

GymDash is streamlined and intuitive, unlike slow and clunky CRM and BMS solutions. With growth advice and management tools in one place, you’ll only need one software to conquer your goals in 2023. The best part is that it’s free for users, making it our top fitness studio software this year.

Our Fitness Studio Software Honorable Mentions

1. FLiiP

FLiiP is a great gym management software for business owners looking for scheduling and payment processing tools. It provides some metrics regarding gym memberships, including outreach and engagement for lapsed members. 

We like how easy it is to customize the interface, which helps solve many operations issues.

With that said, FLiip is more focused on membership management and administrative tasks than business growth.

 It doesn’t provide any sort of coaching or actionable ways to use the data it collects. While it certainly offers tools fitness businesses need, it doesn’t offer any answers. 

You’ll need to put in a lot of work if you want to make this software work for you.

2. Fit Pro Tracker

Fit Pro Tracker is a fitness studio software that focuses exclusively on growth. It accomplishes this primarily by providing communication tools. 

Gym owners can use these tools for outreach, increasing engagement through text, email, and telephone calls. It’s an excellent tool for tracking gym members and timing outreach to best retain them.

While we appreciate the marketing tools and opportunities for lead conversion, this software doesn’t offer much more than that. Its primary strength is communication. You’ll need to look elsewhere for insights on resource management and revenue.

3. Rezeve

Rezeve is an innovative tool that helps small business owners build engaging apps and websites for their gyms. It offers features that help with scheduling and booking, ideal for personal training and class scheduling. It also provides tools to help you build in-app loyalty programs that keep your members and EFTs coming back.

We like this tool for brand-new business owners who are just starting out and need to build a web presence. It can help you get your foot in the door but won’t necessarily help with growth beyond the initial stages. Still, this user-friendly tool has a lot of unique features to offer.

Power Your Fitness Studio With GymDash

Are you ready to take advantage of personalized, data-driven coaching that will transform your fitness studio in 2023? It’s time to find out what GymDash fitness studio software can do for your business. There isn’t another software out there that emphasizes personalization and growth and still offers endless automation solutions.

Learn more about GymDash and discover why it’s the best fitness studio software on our list.



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