What to Look for in a Gym Management Software

Do you need gym management software, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we've got you covered.
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6 Things to Look for in Gym Management Software


Whether you are new to the fitness industry or have some skin in the game, you are likely looking for easy gym management software.

Gym management and growth shouldn’t be something that adds more strain to duties as a Gym Owner. You should be using gym management software with features that you can actually use to grow and elevate your gym.

To ensure maximum efficiency and exceptional customer experience, Gym Owners should be using the best gym management software.

Let’s look at the features you need from your gym management software.

1. Smooth Membership Management

Running a gym can be time-consuming and getting things done when you are a people-oriented business is challenging. With the help of gym management software, however, membership management has never been easier. The right gym management software should effortlessly track items like:

  • membership revenue
  • payment history
  • trial status
  • churn metrics

Gym management software should make important data simple to track and assess.

2. Cloud-based Solutions

With everything moving online, you need to find software solutions that are online. Cloud-based gym management software will allow you to access vital information about your gym from anywhere at any time.

When you are managing a gym, you are constantly on the move—it feels like a workout on its own. It only makes sense that you have a cloud-based gym management software so you and your team can work from anywhere and keep track of everything that goes on.

3. Class and Booking Management

Revenue can come from a lot of your offerings: not just membership fees but trial classes, personal training sessions and more. Tracking data points for these things are a must. You will no doubt have multiple classes and personal trainers to guide the clientele.

Double booking clients, overbooking a facility, or not managing class waitlists effectively could potentially lose revenue. This is why you need gym management software that can help you set a class schedule and manage bookings.

4. Reasonably Priced Software

Enterprise software for specialized industries like the fitness industry can add up, so when you are looking for gym management software, the price is something to consider.

Gym management software prices should be within your budget and allow you to scale.

You’ll find that enterprise software or Saas products offer a plan-based membership for software with more features being unlocked as you purchase higher-priced plans. Our gym management software app has the most necessary features and is completely FREE to use.

5. Streamlined Design and Reporting

Have you ever looked at something and immediately felt overwhelmed by the volume of information there is to be processed? Well, your gym management reports shouldn’t look like this. Good reporting means making use of proper data visualization so your sales, marketing, and administrative teams can collaborate and interpret information quickly and accurately.

For too long gym owners have been stuck with outdated interfaces that leave more questions than answers. Reports and analytics should include the right analytics that matter, including items like:

  • churn rates
  • revenue
  • expenses
  • profit
  • trends and insights
  • conversions
  • churn rate

These data points will help you to make data-driven decisions for your business, but only if you have a clear view of what to do with these numbers – an intuitive dashboard will help you with your gym management.

6. Staff Management

Gym management software needs efficiency and accuracy in managing staff schedules, time tracking, and payroll processing. By having a streamlined process of coordinating and communicating among staff members, gym management software ensures smooth service delivery and a pleasant experience for your staff. A happy workforce is a productive workforce so why not make things easier for them to focus on what really matters?

Why Should You Get Gym Management Software?

What are the benefits of getting gym management software? As a gym business owner, you can:

  • Improve reporting and analytics
  • Get better sales and marketing tools and data
  • Have smooth customer and membership management
  • Save time, money, and energy
  • Improve client experience based on data

Gym management software used properly will greatly impact a gym’s success in the fitness industry. While most gym management software platforms can provide a lot of useful data, there isn’t always a clear and concise way to analyze that information and make the right business decisions.

That’s what makes us different at Gym Owners — we offer the most organized and concise data to business owners so they can grow wildly profitable gyms. We give you the tool you need to analyze your data and make the right moves for your business.

Grow your gym with data today!

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